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I want to talk about something that has been bothering me. Lately I’ve seen an increase of people (especially those new to their craft) spewing how Tools are not necessary (which okay, I can understand as they are not always necessary) but they talk about them in a way that really degrades them. Such as ‘Oh tools really aren’t necessary they are JUST a focal point for a Witches power, oh you don’t need to use real candles it is JUST a tool to help you connect.. it is JUST this or JUST that.. But truthfully it is not JUST anything. Witches have been using tools since the very beginning. Herbs, personal concerns, poppets, grasses, dirt, all of these things have been utilized by the Witch but now.. Now they are just seen as second rate and only necessary if the Witch can be bothered to acquire the right shit.

I am a Hairstylist and while I can cut hair with Kitchen Scissors, you won’t get the best haircut because the quality of those scissors is far different then the quality of my professional shears. It makes a huge difference. Can I cut your hair without my tools? No. I mean we can probably find a sharp rock and try and slice that shit off but then that would be using a TOOL.

These tools have a life of their own. The Crystals we work with, the herbs we grow, the earth beneath us and the sky above.. They all have their life force, the spirits that oversee and work with. They all have something to offer so I don’t think it is okay for us to just look at them as something second rate. They aren’t JUST tools but they are amazing co-inhabitants of the same earth we reside in, that can be worked with us to perfect our own craft, to enhance the work and to even get better results.

I’m not saying that you need every single tool known to Witchkind.. but I am saying that you should respect them. I don’t care if you use your kitchen utensils as your own tools. Give them honor, give them credit. They deserve it.

I’m torn. on the one hand, yes, I find some of my tools to be necessary: candles help me focus and create an air of difference. this is particularly important as I do not generally cast circle. on the other hand, if working without tools, or with extremely minimal tools works for you, and you have no desire for other tools, go with that. of course, if you’re part of a coven, I imagine you’re expected to meet the expectations of the group, but if you’re a solitary neo-wiccan or pagan, pretty much do whatever the fuck you want when it comes to materialism and tools. if you want ‘em, get ‘em. if not, don’t. easy peasy.

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how I wish I could spend every sabbat and esbat (alas!)

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who says winter is not beautiful?

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